Your Captive Energy Audit Device...

Save Electricity and Control Electricity Bills with Sensors Based Energy Usage Monitor

Insights Into the Energy Usage Around Your Entire Building. With Emporia Gen 2 Vue, You Can also Make Data Driven Decisions on Time-of-Use Electrical Consumption.

energy audit device to monitor 8 individual circuits or loads of single phase

Smart Energy Usage Monitor

Smart Electricity Monitor circuit diagram

Installation, Configuration and Instantaneous Commissioning

Emporia Gen2 Vue, installed in your main electrical panel, will connect with cloud using Wi-Fi network and show you the real-time electricity consumption of individual loads or circuits in your home on the Android or iOS app, as per the load distribution in the electrical panel and device configuration. 

Additional Benefits include:

  • Becoming aware of the energy you’re using.
  • Getting a better idea of how much you’re spending during various times of the month and year.
  • Being able to see immediate effects of turning devices on and off to see which pull more or less energy.
  • Choosing when and how much to use high-energy appliances.
  • Being able to consider ways to make energy-efficient changes.
  • Identifying potential issues before they become noticeable.
Monitor Energy in Electrical Circuits or Individual Appliances

Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization and Savings

Capable to Measure Energy Bi-Directionally in case of Net metering in Hybrid Solar System

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