One Ohm For Every Home!

IoT Based Microcontroller Device for Energy Monitoring & Management

SustLabs' Ohm Assistant is an IoT based Microcontroller device and electricity activity tracker designed to help users to become energy wiser and ultimately making the homes smarter. The real-time energy monitoring bots are designed for full residential and basic level business applications.

ohm assistant business
ohm assistant for home
Real-time Electrical System Awareness and Actionable Alerts Mechanism

Advanced Algorithms Capture and Map Energy Consumptions of each Individual Domestic Load Based on their Electrical Signatures...

Ohm goes beyond just monitoring real-time energy use. With its AI-ML technology, it intelligently tracks your appliances to uncover the hidden insights in your energy bills. Ohm Assistant, installed in your main electrical panel, would show you the real-time electricity consumption of the home appliances on your mobile app.

Six categories of data pertaining to AC, Refrigerator, Electric Geyser, Washing Machine, Heating Appliances, and others' guides you in making smart decisions.

Electricity Activity Tracker for Homes, Buildings and Businesses

Ohm Assistant, Single-Phase and Three-Phase IoT Based Energy Monitoring Bots with features and functions suiting varied applications and users requirements...

Ohm Assistant for Homes

Unlock the Potential of Data for your Home

  • Realtime Insights into Energy Usage
  • Historical data analysis to identify Energy-Intensive Appliances
  • Opportunities to optimize energy consumption

Ensure Safety and Power Quality in Buildings

  • Home Energy monitoring as an amenity
  • Additional safety against electrical hazards, fires and appliances failures.¬†
  • Monitoring common areas in societies and commercial buildings

Enhanced Energy Efficiency, Optimization and Savings

  • Reports and Dashboards for data viewing
  • Alerts and Notification for effective system control¬†
  • Carbon Footprint assessment as climate responsiveness

Energy Monitoring, Analysis and Optimization

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